"Bashorn the Merciless", who's true identity remains unknown, was a ruthless and merciless Para-Military and Armed Combat specialist, that was formerly the head of Paragon Genetic Technology Corporation's Armed Response Unit See Paragon Death Squads before his attempted coup and simultaneous assassination of King Tarik Al-Kanaan. Bashorn was also a leader and cohort in the Hallowed Conclave, the group of respected individuals among a dangerous cult located in Sabit known as the Order of the Impaled. Bashorn stood a staggering 7'4" and was rumored to weigh nearly 350 pounds. Known for his cruel methods for execution, and most notably his ability to use his body as battering ram, Bashorn was a close confidant of Dr. Zaine Grimm before his coup attempt.

"He was unstoppable, once he arrived to a battle, it was soon over. They would send him in to clean up the mess that Paragon often found themselves in. He would often intimidate rebels and resistance fighters by walking over the bodies of their fallen comrades, crushing skulls like eggshells on concrete. He had no regard of human life, not even his own, and that's why everyone was so terrified of him."

Early Life Edit

Not much is known about the early life of Bashorn the Merciless. He was born unto a small tribe located on the Outcast Islands, based off of his PPID. He was drafted into service with Paragon in the early Modern Times, as part of the incubation program set forth by Dr. Grimm to promote cultural diversity and opportunity, one of the many hiring strategies used by Paragon.

Founding of Paragon Para-Military Forces Edit

Bashorn exhibited exceeding capabilities early on, and was moved throughout the ranks accordingly. Because of his hulkish size and violent nature he found his home in the Para-Military branch of Paragon when it was first established, cementing his position as a Commander, complete with his own squadron of henchmen. Bashorn would personally pick his soliders unlike other Squadrons.

Loss of Life and Genetic Engineering Edit

Towards the latter years of Bashorn's ruthless Military Career, roughly 5 cycles before the Apocalyptic Dawn, during a routine block-sweep to control civil unrest Bashorn was caught in a suicidal explosion that maimed and disfigured Bashorn beyond recognition. He was pronounced dead and immediately transferred to a Paragon Medical Facility.

Controversial Medical Procedures Edit

Bashorn was subject to one of the first tests of an early bio-engineered, cellular reconstruction surgery that Dr. Grimm had created. This surgery used a non-regulated skin cell regeneration method that would turn dead tissue into living cells once again. This procedure went on for months, with Paragon continually informing the public on the successes of this medical procedure. To much dismay from the general populace, Dr. Grimm and Paragon Genetic Technology Corporation was "Playing God Again". This led to mass-protest similar to the likes of the foundation of Paragon, when Grimm was met with similar protest.

Reanimation of Bashorn on Live Television Edit

During a live broadcast in an attempt to sway public protest, Dr. Grimm allowed a now-living Bashorn to appear at a press conference to ultimately boast about the effectiveness of the program and to incite feelings of nostalgic tendencies and value. Grimm thought that by steamrolling through regulatory practices and showing that his research to essentially re-animate the immediately deceased, Grimm wanted to capitalize on the concept of reanimation, and Bashorn was his proof of concept.

Investor Value Edit

this sparked immediate interest among investors all over Scythe, and effectively boosted the market value of Paragon Genetic Technology Corporation, who then later partnered with Al-Kanaan Industries, who manufactured shipping and transportation vessels for the inevitable mass creation of this serum, with investor value contributing to the significant appreciation of Paragon, Grimm had all the more financial freedom to establish off-shore manufacturing and research facilities.

Public Disgust Edit

Although investor value sky-rocketed, public disgust with Paragon was at an all-time high. The extremely evident side effects of Grimm's early, un-regulated research caused Bashorn to appear "Frozen in thought", "Absent Minded" or more commonly "Impaired", which later became "Impaled" through Common Scythian Slang. Due to the lengthy time to re-animate tissue; Bashorn had large portions of his body covered in rotting flesh, and the color of his eyes faded, appearing as if they were rolled back. The color of his skin has subsided to a greyish color, and his movements stiff and forceful. Although he was once again living, he still appeared as if he was dead, or Impaled.

Public Outrage Over Assassination Attempt Edit

Bashorn was brought back from the dead, and eased into a personal security job for high ranking Paragon officials, including Dr. Zaine Grimm himself. Bashorn, viewed now as a science experiment and person pet of the Paragon Bio-Engineering Division, Bashorn was no longer himself, seemingly withdrawn and Impaled, his intentions turned against Paragon. Many Cycles after the Apocalyptic Dawn, evidence was increasing that Bashorn had multiple confirmed contacts with a newly founded and increasingly notorious cult known as the Order of the Impaled. The Cult, as classified by Paragon:

"A Dangerous and sickening cult that is fascinated by the concept of ascension by The Impaled. Eliminate on-sight, at all costs."

Assassination Attempt of King Tarik Al-Kanaan Edit

During an invite-only event on one of the many private properties owned by Gripp Holdings LLC, a government operated corporation, a high ranking officer, Bashorn the Merciless, part of the Para-Military head of Paragon Genetic Technology Corporation enacted a planned Coup aimed towards the assassination of King Tarik Al-Kanaan. The assassinated attempt failed, and Tarik escaped in critical condition. It was later found that Bashorn had planned to defect and was brainwashed by a notorious cult, Order of the Impaled. This heavily strained the relations between Sabit and Dariaz, and it would be years before any attempt to reconcile was made.

Order of the Impaled, Death & Legacy Edit

Little is known about Bashorn after he defected from Paragon, other than his involvement in the cult of the Enlightened One. His notorious acts in association with the Order of the Impaled echoed upon the history of Scythe long after. There is no public documentation or evidence of his existence besides his PPID, which was purged after his departure from Paragon. Bashorn was never seen again after The Cleansing, an event that led to the disassembly of the Order of the Impaled and one of Sabit's largest loss-of-lives on civilians in recorded Scythian history.

Leaked Documents Edit

In an operation that later became known as ShredGate, one document in a mass-leak revealed that Bashorn's remains were proven to be viewed during The Cleansing, but the body was never recovered. After extensive testing by the request of Dr. Zaine Grimm himself, a mutated strain of 8X-17 was found on-site and in direct association with blood samples of Bashorn. All other information in association with the document is redacted, but notably contains a line that reads:

"Further examination of subject required, DO-NOT-KILL, capture alive and contain"
which many believe is indication that Bashorn is indeed still living, and thriving elsewhere on Scythe, or that perhaps he himself has become an Impaled. A giant hulking beast, even more dangerous than before.