Lleh Planet

Lleh is the fourth planet from the sun. It is the only planet able to sustain human life within the Scythian Solar System, other than Scythe. Lleh is a terrestrial planet, and sustains a significant amount of life in Macropolis. The planet is compromised of 3 main Continents and contains large amounts of water in caverns deep below the surface. The primary Exports of Lleh consist of filtered water, precious minerals and mechanically assembled goods. Lleh boasts mixed cultures and varied religious beliefs, and adheres to no uniform, world-wide government, unlike the planet Scythe in latter years.

History Edit

Continents Edit

There are 3 major continents on the planet Lleh, each similar or something

Austiki Edit

Austiki is the larger of two continents on Lleh. It is the home of the mega-city Macropolis, which stretches across nearly the entire continent.

History of Austiki Edit

Austiki was once a continent divided among many smaller nations, but eventually the small city of Macropolis began to buy out land and expand far beyond it's original borders, eventually turning into a mega-city that enveloped nearly the entire continent. Initial controversy argued the mega-city would not only disrupt the environment and local wildlife, but would also lead to the dissolving of various cultures that existed throughout the various countries. One by one they were all bought out by the Austiki government. These countries eventually segregated into smaller boroughs throughout Macropolis. Many cycles past, until an entire generation was born with only skyscrapers to inhabit their peripherals.

Not everyone was against the development of a mega-city. Many embraced the new opportunities that arose. Dr Carpenter seemingly showed up out of nowhere, and became a very vocal advocate for the expansion of Macropolis. Early in the construction of this mega-city, Dr Carpenter became contracted by the Austiki government to help oversee the development of the city, and consolidation of purchased land. He then founded the Daymon Corporation, and in each new district a Daymon Corp facility was soon to follow.

Gang Activity Edit

Gang activity is unfortunately very high throughout Macropolis, where law-enforcement is either paid off or scared to confront most groups. While gangs like the Neon Wolves, Midknighters, and the Digital Dragons have a sense of honor and ethics, morals and loyalty, other gangs are mere agents of chaos, like the Chrome Devils and the Venom Vipers Cartel.

List of Active Notable Gangs Edit
List of Non-Active Gangs Edit
  • The Ducky Boys
  • Venom Vipers Cartel
  • Death Hawks
  • Steel Roaches

Jakith Edit

Jakith is the smaller of the two continents of Lleh.

History of Jakith Edit

Jakith is a land of rich culture and ancient traditions. It is in a constant cold war with Austiki. The sensibilities of these two nations clash dramatically, and constantly. Jakith is deep set in it's traditions, although there are pockets within some of it's cities that are beset with those rebellious of the Jakithian Dynasty and it's traditions.

Gang Activity Edit

The Jakith government are constantly at odds with the various gangs and mafias that run the streets. The strongest of the gangs are the Digital Dragons, the outfit run by the Toko-Haratki family. The Digital Dragons arguably hold more territory than the government itself. They are the most feared gang on the entire planet. Whispers of their power echo even on the streets of Macropolis and Flagg City. In Jakith, many palms are greased to keep the shaky peace between the establishment and the Toko-Haratki family as stable as possible. These inner turmoils are a frightening mirror to the cold war between Jakith and Austiki, and it's mega-city of Macropolis. The entire planet of Lleh is a series of rivalries, wars, and corruption. The nights of Jakith can get very cold...and very bloody.

List of Active Notable Gangs Edit
  • Digital Dragons
  • Fury Guild
  • The Serpent Syndicate
  • Circle of Leeches
  • Leaders of the Blackened Sun

Flagg City "Lost City" Edit

Flagg City is the largest body of land outside of the two continents of Austiki and Jakith. A once thriving metropolis, it eventually fell into disarray and instead became a haven for gangs, renamed the "Lost City."

Flagg Hospital Edit

Once the most advanced medical facility on the entire planet, Flagg Hospital eventually became abandoned when Flagg City fell to the gangs and became the Lost City. Many theorize that underneath Flagg Hospital, the Daymon Corporation has a secret facility where they carry out inhumane research on dying patients they steal from the hospital above. Damian Savoini swears by this, and it cites it as his reason for leaving the Macropolis Army and starting the Midknighters.

Notable Figures Edit

Austiki Edit

  • Dr. Carpenter, Founder and CEO of the Daymon Corporation
  • General Hicks, General of the Macropolis Army
  • Xavier, Daymon Corp. Meganet Cyborg
  • Michael Reese Shadow, President Neon Wolves (Macropolis Chapter)
  • Ayane Kirito, Hacker (Neon Wolves)
  • Ray Savoini, Neon Wolves
  • Casey Jones, Neon Wolves
  • Damian Savoini, President Midknighters, former Commander of the Macropolis Global Military
  • Puzazo, President Chrome Devils
  • Xander Campbell, Leader of Roadbusters, President of the Chrome Devils, former Commander of the Macropolis Global Military

Jakith Edit

  • Shigerou "The Gentleman" Toko-Haratki, Don of the Digital Dragons
  • Toko-Haratki, Son and Successor of the Digital Dragon's Don
  • Yosho Takiharo, Assassin, (Former Digital Dragons)

Notable Groups Edit

  • Daymon Corporation
  • Austiki Military
  • Macropolis Police Department
  • Macropolis Army
  • Jakithian Dynasty
  • Jakith Navy
  • Jakith Special Forces
  • Roadbusters
  • Sons of Belial

Timeline Overview Edit

World in Chaos Edit

Towards the tail end of the construction of Macropolis, war broke out between Austiki and Jakith. Many perished on both ends, and the construction of the mega city was set back considerably. The war ended just short of nuclear war, and while peace was restored, the war was not without it's casualties. "The Great War of Lleh" had many repercussions. Many citizens fled both nations to start their own on the island of Flagg, which became known as Flagg City.

Cold War Edit

Jakith and Austiki declared peace, but the end of the war didn't signal a time of mutual respect and understanding. A seemingly endless Cold War began. Tensions never boiled over entirely, but war was never waged again. What replaced the bloodbaths and massacres were the constant rivalries in various industries. Who could create the biggest bomb, who could create the most innovative technology, and so on. Dr Carpenter once noted that the rivalry actually sparked the creative drive in most of Lleh's most brilliant scientists, philosophers, and revolutionists.

End of Days Edit

The End of Days marked the end of civilized life on Lleh. Strange portals began appearing throughout the planet, and through these portals poured thousands of demons. The portals were a result of Dr Carpenter's Project Leviathan. At the moment all was lost, Austiki and Jakith set aside their differences and begun working together to fight the demonic onslaught. For nearly 3 seasons the battles waged, but at the end of it all, the governments chose to deploy their entire nuclear arsenals, blanketing the globe in nuclear blasts that would forever change the reality of life on the planet.

Very few survived the demons, and many of those survivors were in turn wiped out at the deployment of nuclear weapons. 90% of the population had been wiped out. The demons sustained heavy casualties, but more continued to pour through the remaining portals that weren't closed in the nuclear blasts.

Releases Edit

End of Days Edit

Small End of

Scythe Saga Collective (feat. Zonekiller, Dakarius, Protector 101, Powder Slut, Daniel Deluxe, Cluster Buster, KFDDA, Jon of the Shred, Riddlis, Ed Harbinger, Lazerpunk! )

On the planet Lleh, Dr Carpenter is the head of the science department of the Daymon Corporation. Their facilities stand in Macropolis, a giant mega-city that covers most of the continent of Austiki. Dr Carpenter uses his power to stage unauthorized experiments. His most ambitious project yet is Project Leviathan, an interplanetary gateway he sets between Lleh and the mysterious planet Khykvin, the planet furthest from the sun in the Scythian Solar System. 

When Project Leviathan is activated, Dr Carpenter disappears inside the portal. Meanwhile General Hicks of the Macropolis Global Military searches for the Shadow Agent mole, Xander. Eventually Leviathan goes haywire, and portals begin to open up across the entire planet. Strange, hellish creatures emerge from the portals - demonic entities with metallic gear and ancient cybernetic technology embedded and twisted into their flesh. 

The government stages a war against the creatures. Austiki and long time rivals Jakith set aside their differences in a desperate bid to rid the world of the portals and the demons. Will the people of Lleh prevail, or is this the End of Days?

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Release date: October 15th, 2014

Neon Wolves Edit

Small neon

Scythe Saga Collective (feat. Riddlis, JPVD, KFDDA, Dakarius, Powder Slut, Karate King, Kyoto Dragon, Jon of the Shred, Jaunter, Speed Machine, Cluster Buster, Surgery Head, Panda PI, Espectrostatic)

It is several cycles before the End of Days...and it is a dark and bloody time in the city of Macropolis. Violence and societal decay wreak havoc throughout the city, humanity suffocating from the stench of their own immoral depravity. The people have become cold and selfish, caring only about survival. The constant gang warfare throughout the streets and alleyways is a daily threat to their lives, and the Macropolis Police department are powerless to stop it.

Former Macropolis Global Military Commander Xavier Campbell has formed a mercenary group called the Roadbusters consisting of the worlds top assassins. They plan on wiping all of the gangs out and capturing them - dead or alive.

When the Roadbusters start wiping out gangs, the peace brokered between them is shattered, and the Neon Wolves and Midknighters unite to battle both the mysterious threat exterminating powerful gangs and cartels with ease and the violent, moral deprived street gang the Chrome Devils, bitter rivals of the Neon Wolves. Can President Shadow and his brothers escape Macropolis?

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Release date: May 12th, 2015

Neon Wolves II: Lost City Edit

Small neon

Scythe Saga Collective (feat. Cody Carpenter, Europaweite Aussichten, Absolute Valentine, Neoslave, Speed Machine, Jon of the Shred, KFDDA, Beckett, Nightstalker, Microchip Terror, Damokles)

The surviving Neon Wolves have made their way to Lost City, looking to connect with their Lost City chapter. But their escape from Macropolis turns out to be nothing more than a transition into the even more dangerous streets of Lost City. The drug "Flesh of Fallen Angels" has hit the streets and turned a large number of the population hostile. Will the Neon Wolves reunite with their Lost City comrades? And what other dangers lie in store?

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Release date: October 13th, 2017