Paragon shaped the very foundations of modern civilization on both Scythe and Lleh. While their main focus was as a genetic technology corporation, they moved into various other fields and industries such as pharmaceuticals,


government, architecture, community outreach, the funding of various politicians and organizations, and most controversially, the formation of a paramilitary force in partnership with Al-Kanaan Industries.

Founding Edit

The founding of Paragon goes back to the college days of it's founder Dr. Zaine Grimm.

Controversy Edit

The initial controversy surrounding Dr Grimm was his Ecliptic Prophecy. Grimm proposed that human civilization had actually migrated from Carthanc. The reason they had abandoned their home planet was after an extinction level event rendered the planet uninhabitable. The cause of this extinction level event was some sort of planetary alignment

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that occurs at the end of the Scythian Solar System, likely interplay between Numina and Davlikate. When Dr Grimm proposed this theory he was met with a condescending attitude and patronizing tone from his peers. More notably, figures within the Sabit government came to him and demanded him to stop his research. The demands were quite hostile, threatening in nature. The Ecliptic Prophecy was scrubbed from public record, only reemerging many cycles later when the hacker Enigma unearthed the updated prophecy, which provided compelling evidence Dr Grimm was right all along.

Going Underground Edit

After being publicly ostracized and banned from the science community after his Ecliptic Prophecy, Dr Grimm took his research underground, building a facility in the Outcast Islands to continue his research. Dr Grimm remained in seclusion, even from his family, for a full cycle before hearing news that changed his life. It was in his darkest hour that his resolve began to strengthen the most.

Political Infiltration Edit

Dr Grimm returned to Donovan City under the guise of Domonic Jann, winning an election to become the Mayor or Donovan City. He served several terms before becoming a senator of Donovan County. These political ties allowed Dr Grimm to secure funding and form Paragon Genetic Technology Corporation via a third and short-lived alias.

Operation: Celestial Ascension Edit

Paragon Emergence Edit


Paragon emerged after Domonic Jann was outed as Dr Zaine Grimm by Maverick Cooper. While Maverick Cooper's intentions weren't malicious, the effect of his reveal were surprising. Senator Zaine Grimm resigned and announced, on live TV broadcast throughout the world, that he had formed the Paragon Genetic Technology Corporation himself, and that it would now be known simply as Paragon. He unveiled various technologies that bettered civilization, breakthroughs in transportation, medicine, communication and more. This lead to the public offering him their support. Despite the false name, Grimm had cleaned up Donovan City, it's crime rate had plummeted since he was elected. He did further humanitarian work as a senator. Paragon had been welcomed with opening arms. When asked about the Ecliptic Prophecy, Dr Grimm chose not to comment.

The Wall of Rot Edit

One of the first major projects Paragon undertook was the construction of the Wall of Rot. This giant structure spanned from coast to coast on the southernmost border of the Sabit Mainland, walling off the deserts of Zu-Rakeen. This was a controversial decision. While the cannibal tribes scattered throughout the Zu-Rakeenian deserts where indeed a threat, many believed stronger border control or even the "deprogramming" of these cannibals might be more humane and effective.

Trafficking Scythian Controversy Edit

Maverick Cooper again clashed with Dr Grimm when he wrote his book, "Trafficking Scythians: From Rabliag to Dariaz." Maverick suggested in his book that Dr Grimm's plan was to unite all continents under a global government. He also unveiled a human trafficking ring conducted by remote Paragon facilities located in Rabliag and Dariaz.

Enacting Diplomacy United Edit

Enacting Diplomacy Organization-0

Enacting Diplomacy United was a group of activists who formed to protest the actions of Paragon after the human trafficking controversy. Many of these activists theorized that Dr Grimm had funded the human trafficking rings himself, using the trafficked individuals in a variety of inhumane scientific experiments. It was rumored any individuals who weren't deemed "worthy" of research potential were trafficked to various politicians and the CEOs of corporations, who would use them as sex slaves and ritual sacrifices. These claims were never debunked or proven. Maverick Cooper maintained it was an exaggeration of a different evil, less esoteric and more business like. Some cycles after Enacting Diplomacy United formed, they began holding their meetings at the Warehouse located in Specter Forest. They set up a base of operations on one of the floors. They maintained contact with Maverick Cooper, who was on the fence regarding the effectiveness of the organization. The hacker Enigma was recruited into the organization and later became a mole, gaining employment at Paragon and unearthing the Ecliptic Prophecy from the Paragon Operating System. This update to the original Ecliptic Prophecy provided far more detail and irrefutable evidence a planetary alignment on the edge of the Scythian Solar system had, in fact, wiped out civilization on Carthanc. Enigma

The Frozen Outpost Edit

Paragon constructed many outposts throughout Sabit, the northernmost being the Frozen Outpost. It was there they came across members of the Zakeenian tribe, otherwise known as the Frozen Soldiers. Paragon began providing the Zakeenians technology designed from Icellian Crystals mined from the Zakeenian mines. In turn, the Frozen Soldiers allowed Paragon to construct the Frozen Outpost and conduct their research in the region. Paragon formed a large subway system that spanned from the Frozen Outpost all the way to Donovan City.

World Scythian Government Edit

Frozen Soldiers Controversy Edit

Post-Apocalyptic Dawn Edit

Involvement in Impaled Outbreak Edit

Maverick Cooper's last book, the series of interviews dubbed "Apocalyptic Dawn: A Retrospective" offered an interesting theory in it's epilogue. Maverick ascertained that Dr Grimm had attempted to create an antidote for death itself, and in his quest for immortality had inadvertently invented the 8X-17 virus that caused the death and reanimation of humans.

Donovan City Safe-Zone Edit


After the Apocalyptic Dawn, most of the Paragon paramilitary forces, engineers, and staff migrated to Donovan City. They turned the giant Paragon corporate office and laboratory that stood on the outskirts of the city as their new home. Their resources were plentiful and their manpower was still strong despite sustaining heavy losses. They even continued to conduct research into the Meganet initiative, determined to launch the line of cyborgs to combat the undead scourge of the Impaled.

Almost immediately, Paragon began sweeping the streets of Impaled surrounding their facility, moving block by block and building by building. They rescued many survivors and turned a large chunk of the city into a safe-zone. They worked in unity with the civilians, offering them armed protection and rationed provisions to sustain themselves as the walls around their safe-zone were constructed.

Camp Terror Edit

The Donovan City safe-zone eventually fell into unrest as rations began to dwindle. More and more survivors poured in seeking refuge. Paragon, who once seemed like the protectors, now seemed more like overlords. Unrest grew to an all-time high when a large group of survivors were denied access at the gates. There simply weren't enough provisions to go around.

As the unrest grew, rumors began to circulate that Paragon had begun executing civilians they found on supply runs. Many believed the research facilities housed not only a bountiful supply of food and provisions, but also the grounds for inhumane research. The facility was heavily guarded, and many civilians sarcastically mentioned "They set up more guards around their facility to keep survivors out than they set up guards on our borders to keep the Impaled out!"

Circuit Board Lunacy Edit

A bloody night occurred a cycle and a half after the Apocalyptic Dawn. This massacre was dubbed Circuit Board Lunacy. Civilians had formed the Scythian Resistance, deciding to fight back against Paragon and ransack the facility. But on this same night, the Meganet Cyborgs went online, gaining sentience for unknown reasons. The cyborgs cut a bloody path through the facilities, murdering countless Paragon employees, and driving the rest into their convoy. Paragon abandoned Donovan City, with their only place of refuge remaining on the planet located thousands of miles away at the original Paragon facility...the Outcast Island Outpost.

Blood Run Ambush Edit