Sabit is a country broken up into three major counties: Specter County, Donovan County, and Khalafon County.

Specter County Edit

Specter County spans from North to South across the entire western shoreline of Sabit. It is bordered to the north by the Oceans of Ice, and to the south by the Zu-Rakeen desert. To the east is Donovan County.

Specter City Edit

Specter City is a giant coastal city. It was also the first city in Sabit to experience an outbreak of Impaled, who had filtered in from Specter Forest.

Specter Forest Edit

Specter Forest is a very large forest. It is filled with dangers, such as predatory animals and strange plant-life that emits a mist that causes intense hallucinations to any humans who inhale it. The forest was eventually nicknamed "The Forest of the Impaled" after the Warehouse outbreak incident.

Specter Forest is also the home of the Wasteriders and Euphoric Damnation (originally Enacting Diplomacy United, pre-Apocalyptic Dawn.)

Ghost Basin Edit

Ghost Basin is a large body of water located near the heart of Specter Forest. The water has a strange, glowing hue. The water itself is tainted with strange psychoactive properties, the same properties within the strange mist certain plants throughout the forest emit. This mysterious water was eventually tapped by the Wasteriders gang, a violent outfit who distilled the water into a powder and dubbed their new recreational drug Entity. The Wasteriders began trafficking large amounts of Entity after turning an abandoned warehouse into a drug manufacturing plant.

The Warehouse Edit

The Warehouse is a large, abandoned factory that stands a half of a mile from the Ghost Basin within Specter Forest. The Warehouse was once filled with workers, but long-time workers began to suffer bouts of psychosis and irrational anger. They later discovered this was caused by the nearby Ghost Basin, and the Warehouse was abandoned.

The Warehouse was taken over by the Wasteriders gang and the top two floors were turned into an Entity manufacturing plant. The rest of the factory was fashioned into a thieves refuge. Hundreds of thousands of people from around the globe would visit the Warehouse to indulge in their hedonistic fantasies. An underground production company began throwing large-scale parties, raves, and concerts at the Warehouse.

One particularly large event housed upwards of 35,000 people. It was at this event that the first Impaled outbreak occurred in the country of Sabit. Hundreds died by the minute in the Warehouse as panic gripped the unsuspecting victims. The Wasteriders fled, and at least 90% of the crowd perished, only to resurrect as the undead. These Impaled marched into Specter City and ushered in the fall of Sabit, the last country standing strong in a world falling into disarray.

Pit of Waste Edit

The Pit of Waste is the Wasteriders hideout. Located close by the Warehouse, the Pit of Waste is a series of abandoned mines and natural caves that have been fashioned into a gang hideout. Any person that has ever set foot inside the Pit of Waste either leaves in a body bag or with a Wasteriders patch.

Northbury Grove Edit

Northbury Grove is a large stretch of land that features several smaller cities and urban communities. These modest, middle class dwellings are filled with normal folk just looking to live their life, uninterested in the insanity of the Specter City life. Northbury Grove sustained heavy losses after the Impaled scourge hit Specter City.

Donovan County Edit

Donovan County is the large section of land that sits in the center of Sabit, bordered to the West by Specter County and to the East by Khalafon County.

Donovan City Edit

Donovan City is a large city in the heart of Donovan County and by extension, in the heart of Sabit. After the Apocalyptic Dawn, Donovan City was retaken by Paragon, who began sweeping the streets and building security walls. They fashioned a safe-zone out of the cleaned up city, expanding it block by block as they cleaned out the Impaled and rescued survivors.

Camp Terror Edit

Not long after forming the Donovan City safe-zone, tensions between civilians and Paragon officials ran high. They began to refer to the safe-zone as Camp Terror, ascertaining they were only given the crumbs from the greedy Paragon employee's. This led to an uprising and the formation of the Scythian Resistance.

Paragon Research Facility & Corporate HQ Edit

Paragon's main research facility and corporate headquarters is located on the border of Donovan City. Dr Zaine Grimm had this lab built while serving as mayor of Donovan City under the guise of Dominac Jann. It was at this facility Paragon tested most of their biggest projects, most notably Operation: Celestial Ascension and the development of the Meganet Cyborgs (after having abandoned the Frozen Outpost.) After a cycle and a half had passed, post-Apocalyptic Dawn, the facility came under attack. The Meganet Cyborgs gained sentience under unknown circumstances and tore through the facility, hijacking the train convoy and escaping North as Paragon themselves fled South.

Donovan Stadium Edit

Donovan Stadium was the largest and most celebrated stadium throughout the country. After the Apocalyptic Dawn, Donovan Stadium was one of the first major safe-zones established in Donovan County. Run by citizens, the stadium eventually fell to an invasion of Impaled, and one man survived the onslaught. He was driven insane and retook the stadium, somehow driving the Impaled out. It was then that he started the Order of the Impaled cult. Donovan Stadium turned into their sanctuary.

Khalafon County Edit

Khalafon County spans from the Oceans of Ice all the way to the Zu-Rakeen deserts, covering Sabit from north to south across it's eastern seaboard.

Khalafon City Edit

Khalafon City is the second largest city in Sabit, under Specter City, and fourth overall on the planet. Khalafon City was one of the last cities to fall to the undead horde, and was the breeding ground for the Eye of Scythe, a giant horde of Impaled that numbered in the tens of thousands.

Khalafon Hospital Edit

Khalafon hospital was the premiere hospital in Sabit. It sustained heavy losses during the Apocalyptic Dawn.

The Scythian District Edit

This slice of land is cut into Khalafon County. It is here government institutions convene and military forces train and assemble. The world's elite frequent this location.

The Scythian Citadel Edit

Is is within the Scythian Citadel that the various leaders of nations across the planet meet to discuss World government affairs.

World Scythian Military Base Edit

The military base is home to hundreds of thousands of troops in training. Every branch of Scythian military is represented in this massive base.

Sabit University of Political Sciences Edit

The Sabit University of Political Sciences is a renowned university. Notable alumni include both Dr Zaine Grimm, founder of Paragon and notable politician (under the name Dominic Jann) as well as investigatory journalist Maverick Cooper.

Granite Estates Edit

Not too far from the Scythian District is Granite Estates. It is here the most powerful and wealthy in the world live. From politicians, to CEOs of various corporations, many move to Granite Estates to be closer to the Scythian District. Rather than spend most of their time away from their families, they move them closer to their work.

The sprawling mansions and manors throughout Granite Estates inspires contempt for the less fortunate working class.