Scythe Planet
Scythe is a terrestrial planet with 2 moons. It is one of two planets in the Scythian Solar System that is able to sustain human life. Scythe has been around the longest in terms of being a habitable planet. It is observed that ancient items found on Lleh have a possibility of originating from the planet Scythe. This information has been a catalyst for many religions, cults and beliefs throughout the galaxy. Scythe is truly the 'Core' planet, and a significant amount of Scythian History is owed to the likes of notable figures such as Dr. Zaine Grimm.

Interestingly, there are also artifacts found on Scythe that seem to have originated from the planet Carthanc.


Scythe has sustained human life for many cycles. The planet has evolved from primitive technologies and tribal based culture to much more advanced societal structures. The planet has three main ages - The Dark Cycles, which represents primitives times through various cultural revolutions. This culminated with the World Scythian Government, ushering in the Modern Age, which lasted many cycles. Peace was maintained between nations, but societal unrest didn't disappear - citizens instead became paranoid of the World Scythian Government, and their controversial affiliation with Paragon.

The Apocalyptic Dawn brought society crumbling down. The world succumbed to the unrelenting hordes of Impaled, the reanimated, cannibalistic corpses. This brought an entirely new age of survival, scavenging, and warring factions.


There are 3 Major Continents that make up the planet Scythe. Each one is notable for their own culture, trade and values. The core government is located in Sabit, known as the World Scythian Government.



Sabit is the largest continent on Scythe. It houses the World Scythian Government and many other operations contained throughout the universe. Sabit is full of modern cities, and has a very diverse range of climates. The northern part of Sabit is a frozen tundra known as the Oceans of Ice. Very few humans live there, other than the self-governing tribe of Zakeenians known as the Frozen Soldiers. They live at the foot of the Zakeenian Mountain Range.

To the south is a large body of barren waste known as the Zu-Rakeen Desert. The desert is inhabited by various cannibal tribes. It is bordered off from the rest of Sabit by the Wall of Rot. A neon-lit highway cuts through the desert, and is a trade route used by Paragon.

The Sabit Mainland is full of forests, cities, swamps, grasslands, and more, civilization from coast to coast mixed among the diverse land types.


Rabliag is the second largest continent on Scythe. It is part of the World Scythian Government. It is compromised of several countries, who govern themselves separately but have co-existed in peace for thousands of cycles. Rabliag is rich with resources and exports many goods throughout the planet.


Dariaz Map

Dariaz is the third largest continent on Scythe. It is part of the World Scythian Government. Dariaz is a conventional Monarchy and has been ruled by Royal Family, known as the Al-Kanaan Family from the dawn of the civilized world. It is also home of many ancient structures such as pyramids and monuments to past leaders. The inhabitants follow an ancient, rich culture, the oldest in all of Scythe. Dariaz is located on rich deposits of naturally occurring

resources, allowing the country to be the leading exporter of the required resources to fund many operations worldwide, including Paragon Genetic Technology Corporation and similar Corporate Giants. Dariaz was one of the last countries to join the World Scythian Government.

The Outcast Islands

The Outcast Islands are a series of islands inhabited by numerous self-governing tribes. While the tribes rarely fight or interact much at all, there have been massacres in the past, and even reports of strange voodoo type rituals practiced by the more savage of the tribes. Paragon founder Dr Carpenter set up his first self-funded facility on the biggest of the islands.

Notable Figures

There are many notable figures on the planet. Their misdeeds are still spoken of, even in post apocalyptic-times.

Notable Groups

Many factions exist on the planet. After the Apocalyptic Dawn the structure of most of these factions was forever altered. Organizations that used to work together in harmony became bitter rivals. New groups sprung up. Threats of evil such as the Impaled, mutants, and cyborgs emerged with no remorse. Most survivors without allegiance to some sort of faction do not last long in the brutal environment of the post-apocalypse.

Timeline Overview

The Dark Cycles

The Dark Cycles were a time of turmoil between all nations.

The Modern Age

The Modern Age was ushered in with the formation of the World Scythian Government.

Apocalyptic Dawn

The Apocalyptic Dawn was a series of Impaled outbreaks. Many speculate they originated in the Outcast Islands. Sabit was the last nation standing before falling to the undead hordes. The Apocalyptic Dawn marked the end of civilization, with survivors forming into tight-knit factions, tribes, and gangs. Any semblance of law was lost, and the armies of all nations were scattered.


Apocalyptic Dawn

Small apoc

Jon of the Shred

A mysterious illness spreads across the planet Scythe. All of the recently deceased are coming back to life and feasting on the flesh of the living. These creature are dubbed “the Impaled.” Civilization soon collapses. After many cycles of battle, the president of the World Scythian Government declares the planet lost. The living dead outnumber the living 2 to 1. It is the Apocalyptic Dawn.

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Release date: May 4, 2013 

Precipitous Ascent

Small precip

Jon of the Shred

The story of the Lone Musician, a survivor roaming the country of Sabit in the days after the Apocalyptic Dawn. But the Impaled aren't the only danger in the post apocalyptic landscape - Paragon termination squads, the violent Wasterider gang, psychoactive "Entity" fumes, and the Order of the Impaled also inhabit the wastelands. The undead were just the beginning...the apocalypse has unleashed all kinds of horrors in the wake of societies collapse. This is a Precipitous Ascent to chaos.

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Release date: December 29, 2013

Circuit Board Lunacy

Small circuit

Jon of the Shred

A year has passed since the Apocalyptic Dawn. Paragon have fortified a safe zone within Donovan City. It encompasses a large chunk of residential areas as well as their corporate headquarters and research facility.

Civilians have two choices - to live outside the safe zone walls in the shadows of the Impaled, or live under Paragon's rule. Unrest grows as the civilians feel more like slaves than citizens. They mockingly call the safe zone "Camp Terror" due to horrible living conditions. Paragon employees and personnel are given favor with a surplus of rations, medicine, miscellaneous resources, and housing. The civilians get the crumbs of their meals.

A rebel group is formed called the Scythian Resistance. The resistance rallies the civilians behind them. They set a night for their rebellion. But mere hours before they can hatch their plan, the Meganet cyborgs deep within the Paragon laboratory gain sentience under mysterious circumstances. They turn on their creators, lead by the 12 Elites. Chaos reigns as Paragon are caught between the cyborgs and the resistance...ultimately both their own creations.

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Release date: February 28, 2014 

A Clash of Steel and Circuits

Small a clash

Scythe Saga Collective (feat. DATAStream, Python Blue, Miami Supercops, Riddlis, Dakarius, 20SIX Hundred, and Jon of the Shred)

Paragon's Meganet cyborgs gained sentience on a fateful night under mysterious circumstances. Led by the 12 Elites, they turned on their creators and escaped Donovan City by hijacking Paragon's train convoy. They traveled far north into the Oceans of Ice, finally arriving at the Frozen Outpost.

The Frozen Soldiers live deep in the Oceans of the Ice at the foot of Zakeenian Mountain Range. The Zakeenian tribe of the Frozen Soldiers rule themselves, with no affiliation to the World Scythian Government. Their technology and diets require a steady supply of Icellian crystals which they harvest from the Zakeenian Mines. The power of these Icellian crystals used to be a bartering tool with Paragon, but the Frozen Soldiers cut all ties with Paragon many cycles ago. The day Paragon left, an almost never-ending blizzard began dubbed the Everlasting Winter.

The cyborgs and Frozen Soldiers are about to meet for the first time. A Clash of Steel and Circuits.

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Release date: October 1st, 2014

Entity: Harvest of Insanity

Small circuit

Scythe Saga Collective (feat. Beatbox Machinery, Quantum, KFDDA, Hide and Sequence, Jon of the Shred, Leonardo Rizzo, Cluster Buster)

Deep within Specter Forest lies an 8 level building known as the Warehouse. It was abandoned when workers began to experience strange hallucinations and aggressive behavior. It was later discovered the waters of the nearby lake, Ghost Basin, had a strange substance within it that harbored psychoactive properties. The violent gang known as the Wasteriders distilled the psychoactive chemicals from these waters and created the dangerous and highly addictive drug, dubbing it Entity.

The Impaled sickness finally reached Sabit when an outbreak occurred in the Warehouse. 35,000 people from across the globe had shown up for a 5 story concert thrown at the Warehouse. The outbreak ripped through the Warehouse, driving the Wasteriders out of their territory. The newly founded terrorist organization, Euphoric Damnation, eventually reclaimed the Warehouse, killing all the Impaled inside and resuming the mass production of Entity the Wasteriders had started.

The Wasteriders have regrouped and are hellbent on reclaiming their cooking grounds. A war will soon be waged between this violent gang and this terrorist organization. Entity is truly a Harvest of Insanity.

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Release date: October 29, 2014

Mutant Devolution

Small mutant devolution

Scythe Saga Collective (feat. Bixby Snyder, Killstarr, Hide and Sequence, Jon of the Shred, Protector 101, Ed Harbinger)

Paragon has been assaulted from the outside and from within. The Meganet cyborgs gained sentience on their own accord and revolted, as the civilians of Donovan City staged a rebellion. The survivors of Paragon's Corporate Headquarters and Research Facility escaped in a truck convoy. They travel south, beyond the Wall of Rot, in a desperate bid through the Deserts of Zu-Rakeen.

The desert is home to various cannibal tribes, who regularly prey on the Sabit citizens Paragon secretively banish to the deserts. The tribes are united under the rule of the Specter City Slasher - their new king. When the convoy reaches the foot of Death Canyon, Slasher's cannibal army attacks. Most of the convoy manages to escape, but the cannibals manage to capture a weapons cache truck and two trucks filled with volatile substances, chemicals, viruses, and other means of biological warfare.

The cannibals mistakenly release a toxin that causes horrific mutations. They now must flee their home, the Decaying Keep, and attempt to scale the Wall of Rot to escape the mutants. Slasher leads his cannibal army back into civilized Sabit, but he does not realize the horrors of the Impaled that lay beyond.

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Release date: November 12th, 2014

The Specter City Slasher

Small Specter City Slasher

Jon of the Shred

Specter City is dangerous enough without a killer stalking the streets. But as the bodies pile, the Specter City Police Department realize a serial killer is in their midst. Dubbing the murderous bastard "the Specter City Slasher," the police initiate a campaign for vengeance, and manage to flush the Slasher out of the city and into the deserts of Zu-Rakeen - but not before he wipes out an entire police precinct with deadly precision. 

Lost in the deserts, Slasher finds himself hunted by cannibal tribes. He is nearly killed in an ambush, but manages to escape. Slasher exacts his calculated vengeance, and infiltrates each cannibal camp, murdering all of their leaders one by one. The warring clans have now been the Specter City Slasher.

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Release date: June 2nd, 2015

Ecliptic Prophecy

Small Ecliptic Prophecy

Jon of the Shred

A Paragon intern and accomplished hacker by the code-name Enigma mistakenly stumbles upon a database of classified information. The revelations found within are society shattering. Paragon has covered up and lied about nearly every aspect of their technology, intentions, and influence on Scythe.....and beyond.

Paragon infiltrating the Scythian government? Hiding technology from the general public such as space travel and advanced weaponry? And the most astounding of all, life on other planets? 

Enigma immediately hacks into the database, copying the information over to one of his hacking devices. But strange things start happening around him - people around him disappearing or winding up dead in strange circumstances, mysterious people seemingly stalking him and keeping an eye on him. Every attempt to reach out to the media, just another dead end. 

Will Enigma be able to blow the whistle on Paragorn? Or will he become another casualty of the corporate monolith, disappearing without a trace over the Wall of Rot or worse, winding up dead?

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Release date: September 13th, 2016

Order of the Impaled

Small Order of the Impaled

Scythe Saga Collective (feat. 20SIX Hundred, Cryocon, Damokles, Jon of the Shred, Cody Carpenter, Takahashi Jones, Titan, Hide and Sequence, Leonerdo the 13th, Glitch Black, Deadlife)

It has been a full cycle since the Apocalyptic Dawn, and the undead now roam the planet Scythe unchallenged. Society has fallen to the zombies, and more survivors are lost every day.

A man who lost his family to the carnage has been driven mad. In his psychosis he has formed a cult that worships the Impaled. These undead worshiping lunatics call themselves the ORDER OF THE IMPALED. The Enlightened One and his Order reside in the abandoned Donovan Stadium.

The Enlightened One sends out vans daily to "Recruit" new members. Those who deny the cult's indoctrination are deemed heretics and put in the arena against the Impaled. Many pretend to "find their faith," but are too afraid to leave and face the wrath of the Order inside, or the Impaled themselves on the outside.

But when the Enlightened One's search party capture the Lone Musician, they have no idea what's in store for them....

Purge the Wicked. Cleanse the Soul. For it is...the Will of the Gods.

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Release date: February 1st, 2017

The Dawn of Paragon

Small Dawn of Paragon

Jon of the Shred

Zaine Grimm is a gifted young man who spends most of his time practicing science and conducting research into new technology. After graduating from one of the top Scythe Universities, Dr Grimm ascends the ranks of a local laboratory. His research is simultaneously breathtaking and controversial.

Grimm meets the love of his life, and takes time off from work to be with her when she gives birth. When Grimm returns to work, he finds he has been fired and banished from conducting any research or experiments within the borders of the country Sabit. Dr Grimm decides to go underground, leaving his homeland and continuing his research elsewhere.

Many months into research and on the verge of a break-though, his daughter dies tragically before her first birthday. Grimm is driven to insanity, and nearly drinks himself to death. He returns with even greater resolve after an extensive binge, and decides it is his duty to unearth the secrets of the Scythian Solar System, and to cure death itself.

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Release date: March 28th, 2017