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Welcome to the official Scythe Saga Universe wiki! Here you will find information about all of the lore that ties together the concept albums, compilations, stories, and more released by Scythe Saga Records. (Official site)

Scythe Saga Records

Scythe Saga Records is the first ever record label universe. Each album and compilation released is tied directly to the lore of the Scythian Solar System. This album features artists that produce synthwave and darksynth music, as well as prog rock, metal, psytrance, and soundtrack influenced music. For a full list of our alumni, check out this list of prog rock, electronic, and synthwave artists that have submitted music to one (or more) of our compilations!


There are 8 planets in the Scythian Solar System. The planets at the end are at the root of the Ecliptic Prophecy, which prophesies a certain alignment sends cataclysmic shockwaves throughout each planet every certain amount of cycles.


Carthanc is the closest planet to the sun. It was once inhabited by life many cycles ago, but it is now a desolate wasteland. The ruins of past civilizations dot the landscape, along with endless volcanic mountain ranges. Paragon research indicates Carthanc will never be able to sustain life again.


Scythe is one of two planets that currently sustains human life. At this time it has the oldest human civilizations in the entire solar system. Many believe the earliest humans on Scythe had traveled from Carthanc, according to research from Paragon founder Dr Carpenter.


Dal-Troth is a ringed planet orbited by 3 moons. Paragon research indicates Dal-Troth has a high potential for resource mining. A research team from Paragon in a joint effort with Al-Kanaan industries was sent to investigate the planet, and discovered 88% of it's surface is covered in ocean. They also discovered life when they seemed to come into contact with hostile creatures before communications were lost. 


Lleh is one of two planets in the Scythian Solar System that sustains human life. The continents of Austiki and Jakith house most life on the planet, though several smaller islands such as Flagg City have civilizations of their own. Austiki and Jakith are in a constant cold war, and have been for many cycles. 


Batonli is a gas giant, unable to sustain human life. Two Paragon investigation teams were lost to the surface of Batonli. It's atmosphere is a never-ending storm, a mega-hurricane that covers the planet. Thousands of tornadoes rip apart the surface. It is unlikely mortal eyes will ever see the surface of Batonli. 


Numina is an orb of electric energy. Not much is known about Numina, and Paragon research indicates it is some sort of an anomaly. Numina plays a large role in Dr Grimm's Ecliptic Prophecy. 


Dalvikate may not even be a planet, but rather a giant, abandoned space-craft. It is the third largest astronomical body behind the sun and Batonli. Very little research has been conducted on Dalvikate. Dalvikate, like Numina plays a large role in Dr Grimm's Ecliptic Prophecy. 


Khykvin is a mystery. The Daymon Corporation conducted enough research to indicate strange activity coming from Khykvin, as headed by Dr Carpenter. The Sons of Belial worship apparent demonic entities from Khykvin. Whether these beasts are hypothetical or not is question, due to the End of Days on Lleh.