The Specter City Slasher, also referred to as the "Butcher Among Us," is an unidentified Scythian who claimed victims throughout Sabit, most notably around Specter City. Although it is undetermined how many victims the Specter City Slasher has claimed, well over 100 murders have been theorized as linked to him. Nothing is known about Slasher's past or his motivations for killing, other than basic info gathered from crime scenes and video surveillance. The DNA findings, video surveillance, and rare survival testimonies have indicated the Specter City Slasher is a heavy set, tall, middle aged man. He has never been captured. An angry mob successfully chased him over the Wall of Rot and into the deserts of Zu-Rakeen, and he has not been seen in civilized Scythian society since.

Northbury Grove Homicides Edit

A string of grisly murders rocked the otherwise quaint township of Northbury Grove. For a full cycle well into the Modern Age, bodies were discovered throughout the Grove. The string of killings were linked only in their brutality. There seemed to be no motive.

Victims Edit

The total victim count reached 28 in the area before the killings ceased. The victims did not share any common traits. In fact, it was a very diverse group of people. Women, men, children, teens, even an elderly couple. The brutality of the murders lead investigators to believe these were spontaneous killings. But the lack of evidence and sheer number of successful kills in such a short period of time seemed to contradict spontaneity, indicating instead a level of premeditation.

Grace Bailey Edit

Surveillance footage managed to capture the abduction of young Grace Bailey, a mere 9 cycles old. The footage shows her at an elementary schoolyard, playing among other kids. A tall, heavyset man in a trench coat beckons her to the edge of the playground, at which point he kneels. The two seem to have a conversation for 2 to 3 minutes before they are seen walking away, hand-in-hand. This is the last footage of Grace Bailey alive.

It was nearly a cycle later that Grace's body was found. The discovery of her corpse started a public outrage, and was the catalyst in Northbury Grove Police Department revealing their theory that the string of disappearances and murders in the area were the work of a serial killer. Initially the NGPD had blamed this rash of killings on the Waste Riders gang. Shortly after this footage was captured, the killings in the area ceased.

Bodies in Specter Forest Edit

It wasn't long after the string of grisly murders in Northbury Grove ended, that bodies had begun to show up at the outskirts Specter Forest. The total body count reached 16 before the killer moved into Specter City itself.

Police Investigation Edit

The Specter City Police Department didn't initially begin an investigation into the bodies found alongside the edge of Specter Forest. Much like NGPD, SCPD believed the killings could all be attributed to the Waste Riders. The initiation rites into the gang were oftentimes the brutal murder of a stranger. The SPCD was maligned by the public for ignoring the killings.

Finally, the SPCD began an investigation after Maverick Cooper, investigative journalist and conspiracy theorist, released an exposé on the killings. The report was titled "A Blind Eye to the Butcher Among Us" and received record ratings and widespread attention. The report included a brief history of the Waste Riders in it's introduction, but then took a dramatic turn into the speculations of a serial killer, and what would motivate law enforcement to cover it up.

Despite the investigation and publicizing of his killings, the mainstream coverage seemed to embolden Slasher, driving him into the heart of Specter City were he "earned" his most famous nickname.

Specter City Slayings Edit

The Specter City Slayings were a grisly series of murders and massacres. A total of 53 victims were found in less than a cycle's worth of time. The serial killer of Northbury Grove and Specter Forest, once dubbed "the Butcher Among Us," was now dubbed the Specter City Slasher. There was also dozens of unrelated body parts being found in dumpsters, sewers, and alleys throughout the city. It is undetermined whether or not the body parts were the

Mass Panic Edit

The entire city was in a chaos - seemingly one man had brought the entire metropolis to a standstill. Entire families began converging together in bigger groups, with fathers, mothers, and older siblings taking turns at night, keeping watch for the Specter City Slasher.

SU Massacre Edit

The first massacre occurred at the college Sabit University of Political Sciences. (Incidentally, this is the school that Maverick Cooper attended.) In midday at lunch break, students were taken by surprise when a smoke grenade was tossed into the cafeteria. Screams and wails echoed through the halls for minutes. When the smoke cleared, 7 students lay dead in a pool of blood. The rest had fled the building, many sustaining injuries, deep cuts and lacerations. 2 more students succumbed to their wounds outside, bleeding out before paramedics could arrive.

Elsewhere in the school, the Specter City Slasher was claiming more victims. In the library he killed 4 students by slitting their throats, before sinking the blade into the librarian's head. When her body was discovered, the knife was still buried in her skull.

The Specter City Slasher than ascended on a lecture. The kills in the lecture were uncharacteristic of the killer's usual work. The 53 students and their professor were all shot in the head by a high powered assault rifle. This would mark the first time the Specter City Slasher used a firearm to claim a victim. Students in the lecture room across the hall fled upon hearing the gunshots, but sadly these 42 students were also gunned down.

Slasher's next move was setting fire to the building. The fire ended up taking another 21 lives, all students.

In total, 140 people died in the SU Massacre. 312 students and 38 faculty members escaped, many suffering from non-fatal injuries.

Conspiracy Edit

The SU Massacre was later the subject of a conspiracy. This conspiracy was driven by several officers from the Specter City Police Department. Maverick Cooper's From Rabliag to Dariaz: The Scythian Trafficking Ring featured a lengthy segment dedicated to the SU Massacre. Much like Cooper's previous piece, "Butcher Among Us," the start of the documentary lead viewers to believe it would be a piece about the Specter City Slasher and the SU Massacre. But at the end of the segment, Maverick changed the narrative.

"But what if the SU Massacre wasn't the work of the deranged Specter City Slasher? What if the SU Massacre was a team of people?"
Maverick then went on to point out various aspects of the massacre that seemed out of place. Namely, that one person could perform that amount of killing over such a short period of time. Even a killer as skilled as the Specter City Slasher couldn't be in two places at one time, or to teleport throughout the building. The documentary moved off the subject of the Specter City Slasher and into deep webs of conspiracy perpetuated by Paragon and the World Scythian Government.

SCPD Massacre Edit

At the height of panic in Specter City, a curfew was enacted. At nightfall, everyone was required to stay indoors. Anyone breaking curfew would be detained and questioned. Several days into this mandatory curfew, the Specter City Slasher struck the Specter City Police Department. Right at nightfall, after the majority of the force had left to begin doing rounds throughout the city, Slasher infiltrated the building.

Slasher moved through the precinct like a force, first killing the receptionist at her desk with a throwing knife. He managed to murder 9 police officers before being detected in the building, at which point 2 dozen more officers began fighting back. In a few hours time, there were 34 more victims added to the Specter City Slasher's kill count. Just as Slasher was leaving the crime scene, he answered a radio call from one of the officers, simply saying "They're all dead." It was the only time audio was captured of the Specter City's Slasher's voice.

All surveillance footage of the massacre remained in tact. Despite a clear look at the suspect, no records indicated who this man was. His fingerprints and DNA weren't available in any database throughout Sabit. Despite the piling of fresh evidence, the case remained a mystery.

Campaign For Vengeance Edit

When news broke about the SCPD massacre, the citizens had finally had enough. Enraged that the killer still had not been brought to justice, a mob was formed. Families of known victims, police officers, and even military personnel formed a mob to flush out the Specter City Slasher and bring him to justice. While many wanted to capture him alive, it was advised instead to shoot him on site.

The Last Stand ended up taking place several days after the massacre at the Specter City Police Department. A small group of the mob managed to locate what was surmised as one of the Specter City Slasher's hideouts. The mob was investigating an abandoned warehouse in the industrial district, and came across a kill room and various weapons. The information was spread to the rest of the group. An ambush team formed around the perimeter of the building. Dozens of people lied in wait for the Slasher to return. They managed to remain undetected until he returned later that night. How he managed to escape is still debated to this day. Some say Slasher had detected the presence of the mob before returning. Others surmised it was the initial gunfire from the sniper team who clued him in. In either case, Specter's warehouse was rigged with traps and an escape tunnel. After being shot in the right shoulder from a sniper bullet, Slasher retreated into the escape tunnel. The mob poured in behind him, and 18 were killed by booby traps. Another 24 were injured, some seriously. The rest of the mob were told to retreat.

The mob combed a 5 mile radius of the warehouse after Slasher fled. Eventually, a blood trail was found leading back into the city. This lead to an intense chase. For hours Specter dodged authorities and the mob, weaving in between alleys and eventually dipping into Specter Forest. Upon being flushed back out towards the city, Specter murdered an elderly couple and their two grandchildren, stealing their vehicle and driving it all the way to the Wall of Root. The mob was just behind him the entire way, and were firing rounds at him as he somehow scaled the Wall of Rot with his gunshot wound. As he reached the top, he dodged another barrage of gunfire, but took a shot to the leg, and fell off over the side into the desert below.

Specter City police quickly scaled the Wall of Rot to confirm the death of the Specter City Slasher, but instead of seeing a corpse on the other side, they only saw a pool of blood where he landed, and a blood trail leading off into the desert. The Specter City Slasher, the Butcher Among Us, had again escaped yet again.

Zu-Rakeen Edit

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Clash With Cannibal Clans Edit

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The Cannibal King Edit

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The Rotting Keep Edit

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Blood Run Ambush Edit

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8X-18 Edit

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Sieging the Wall of Rot Edit

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